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Recruitment Committee

Wingham & Area Health Professionals Recruitment Committee


The Wingham & Area Health Professional Recruitment Committee is comprised of municipal, hospital, and community representatives whose goal is to bring quality health care professionals to Wingham & District Hospital and the extended services that support the Hospital.  Sustaining long term quality healthcare professionals is essential to our entire community.


Although the Committee is committed to recruiting all healthcare professionals as needed, the heaviest emphasis is on attracting and retaining family physicians whose focus is in primary care.  Our optimum strategy is to recruit physicians who want to establish a long term family practice and maintain active hospital privileges, while also contributing to our Emergency Department coverage.


Our dedicated Recruitment Officer is in place to attract, retain and help new physicians and healthcare professionals transition into practice both at the hospital and within the Wingham Community.
The Wingham & Area Health Professionals Recruitment Committee is funded by the municipalities surrounding Wingham.
Municipality of North Huron
Municipality of Morris Turnberry
Municipality of Huron Kinloss
Municipality of South Bruce
Municipality of Ashfield Cobourne Wawanosh