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Dr. Marie Gear –Teeswater Clinic

Dr. Gear has been a cornerstone of Family Medicine at Wingham & District Hospital since 1980 after completion of her Medical Degree at the University of Western Ontario and Residency at University Hospital in London.  The epitome of a rural family doc, Dr. Gear has donned may titles during her career in Wingham.  Dr. Gear maintains that she has invested her career in Wingham because of the people.   And the people of Wingham are eternally grateful for her unwavering commitment.  Dr. Gear sees patients in Teeswater, a satellite location of the North Huron Family Health Team. 


Dr. Mike Shubat-Lucknow Clinic

Dr. Shubat’s dedication to Wingham & District Hospital began in 1987.  Dr. Shubat attended Western University and completed Residency at London’s University Hospital.   For over two decades Dr. Shubat has served the family medical needs of his patients at his satellite clinic in Lucknow, part of the NHFHT.   Dr. Shubat has helped to build the foundation of quality health care that patients in Wingham have come to rely upon.  Dr. Shubat also covers call in ER.


Dr. Greg Antoniadis

Dr. Greg, as his patients have grown to call him, is an integral component to our NHFHT and Wingham & District Hospital.  As Chief of Staff, and physician lead for the North Huron Family Health Team, Dr. Antoniadis is a full service rural family doctor working out of the Wingham Medical Clinic attached to the hospital.  He also practices anesthesiology and covers the Emergency Department.   Dr. Antoniadis set roots in Wingham in 1996 and has contributed immensely to the quality of care received by our community.


Dr. Shaun Marshall

As part of the dynamic duo of the “Drs. Marshall,” Dr. Shaun and his wife Dr. Bonnie were welcome additions to our medical staff in 1999.  Dr. Shaun attended medical school at Memorial University in New Foundland and completed his residency at Queen’s University.  A versatile physician, Shaun’s time is varied between his family practice at the NHFHT and Anesthesia in Wingham and area hospitals.  Dr. Shaun Marshall is also a charismatic preceptor with UWO and very involved in our medical student program.  In 2012 Dr. Marshall was awarded the “Family Medicine Clerkship Adjunct Faculty Teaching Award” by the Schulich School of Medicine.


Dr. Bonnie Marshall

Dr. Bonnie Marshall completes the “Drs. Marshall” pair.   A graduate of MacMaster Medical School and Memorial University Residency program in New Foundland,  Dr. Bonnie Marshall practices Family Medicine in the Wingham Medical clinic, part of our NHFHT.  Dr. Marshall also sees patients in our nearby Nursing Home.  Dr. Bonnie is a gifted preceptor with the University of Western’s Schulich School of Medicine.  She too is an integral part of our medical student training.


Dr. Mark Moores
Dr. Moores is a fundemental part of our medical staff in Wingham.  As past Chief of Staff and current Chief of our Emergency Department, Dr. Moores has contributed immensely to our hospital and FHT since he arrived in 2003.  A graduate of the Univeristy of Toronto, Dr. Moores completed his residency at Dalhouise.  As a precepoter of University of Western, medical students coming to Wingham are fortuious to learn from such a congenial physician.


Dr. Jim Shuffield

Since 2010 Dr. Jim Shuffield has practiced Family Medicine in our NHFHT Wingham clinic.  Dr. Shuffield is a Doctor of Osteopathy which he obtained from The University of North Texas.  He completed his Residency at Tucson General Hospital.  Dr. Shuffield uniqueness is a very welcome addition to our complement of family physicians in our family health team.


Dr. Stephen VanderKlippe

Wingham is extremely happy to welcome Dr. Stephen Vander Klippe to our medical staff in 2012.  Dr. Vander Klippe received his medical training at the University of Ottawa and completed his Residency through MacMaster University.  NHFHT patients have welcomed Dr. Vander Klippe’s well honed Family Medicine skills at the Wingham Health Clinic as well as in our Emergency Department.  We are delighted to welcome Dr. Vander Klippe and his family as they make their new home in Wingham.


Dr. Ravi Ramsewak
Dr. Ravi is the General Surgeon at the Wingham and Listowel Hospital Alliance.  He has povided highly skilled surgical services since 2010.  Residents of Wingham and area are fortunate to benefit from such an accomplished surgeon.  As a graduate of  xxxxx, Dr. Ravi is an invaluable member of our medical team.